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Services That We Offer:


  • Specialized in Painting: Whether you want your fence, house or garage painted, whatever it is we can paint it for you at affordable cost to you.


  • Tiling and Grouting: If you need your bathroom, laundry or kitchen splash backs tiled onto the wall we can most definitely do it for you easily and cost effectively.


  • Doors, Door Locks, Latches and Hinges: Sometimes the old wooden door hinge joint screws get worn out and loose over time, no problem well adjust them so it is strong again. We’ll re-hinge your old door so it opens and closes like new again or install a new door on there for you. And if you want to update your old door lock we’ll do that for you too.


  • Fixing and Assembly of Furniture: You just bought flat pack furniture and have no idea how to put it together. We’ll help you assemble it and move it into position for you. We also fix broken wooden furniture.


  • General Plumbing: have plumbing that needs attention? dripping taps or blocked drain pipes? We’ll fix it for you so it it runs efficiently.


  • Hanging Pictures Frames, Mirrors: Need to hang some picture frames or mirrors? we’ll do it for you with Simple Handyman Services your solution to complex problems.


  • Fly Screen Repairs & Installations: Getting a few to many bugs and mosquito’s into your house? We can repair or install fly screens on your windows so you can protect yourself from nasty bugs.


  • Curtain & Blind Installations: You want to update your curtains but you need help to install the new holders, no problem we have you covered.


  • Clothes Line Fixing: When your clothes line get loose and you need to replace them, we can replace your lines or install a new clothes line for you.


  • High Pressure Cleaning: Does your driveway have oil and grease stains, does your foot path have dirt and stains? Do your house exterior wall have mold or dirt that is hard to remove? we’ll high pressure clean them to look good as new again.


  • Ceiling & walls Gyp rock repairs: Need to repair some damage to walls or ceilings? let us repair your Gyp rock with our expert repair services. We can also install new large sections of Gyp rock to your walls and ceiling as required.


  • Installation of dishwashers and appliances: Do you have electrical appliances that need specialist installation? We can do that too


  • Hang TV or Dryer on wall: Save some space and hang your TV or Clothes Dryer onto the wall.


  • Maintenance works: We also do maintenance work like general clean ups of areas


  • Lawn and Property Maintenance: Gardens, lights, pipes, rubbish, fences, patios, windows, brick laying, barbecue area,plumbing you name it we can help you maintain your property.





  • Grouting, Silicon replacement: Over time your existing tile grouting and vanity silicon seals can wear out, get dis-lodged and become full of bacteria, dirt and grime! Fear not at Simple Handyman Services we will replace your existing Tile grout & Silicon to leave you with a fresh feeling much healthy bathroom that doesn’t leak.


  • Towel Rail and bathroom fittings: have broken soap holders, towel holders, toilet paper holders etc? We’ll repair your fittings so they are good as new again.


  • Installation of shower screen: Had enough of your old shower screen? Get it replaced and good as new



Pricing for services is not fixed as all job duties vary in “complexity and time”, however here are some examples of our pricing for some handyman services:


  1. TV & dryer to install on wall $150
  2. 3 × 3 meter square garden shed put up $350
  3. Supply & install interior door $280