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ATTENTION: We have simple solutions to complex maintenance problems..


“Simple Handyman Services


come to you to do all the

heavy work bringing your

place up to scratch when

you need it most! “


For a limited time see how we can help you achieve everything you want with an added introductory bonus just for you!.


From: Sachin Pandya
Date: Saturday 28th July, 2018
Re: Experienced time saving service to help you renovate and renew your living spaces


Dear maintenance seeker,


Hi I’m Sachin Pandya, a local to western suburbs in Sydney. I help fellow home & property owners maintain their living spaces with simple solutions to complex problems.


In short if you need maintenance work done by experienced handymans, then we likely have an affordable answer to your needs!


For the most part I run an affordable handyman service and cover many jobs on my own, however I do employ workers to help me with odd jobs that require more than just one man to complete.


I have a passion for life and work! However when I started my Business I noticed that people that require odd jobs fixed around the home or property usually can’t afford to pay tradesman like rates!


So I introduced my own affordable handyman rates to help the local people get things done to their requirement easily, as well as help us find long term partnerships and more Business growth prospects.


With Simple Handyman Services you can sit back and sip on margaritas while we do all your home handyman efforts you require at affordable rates.


We like to work cleanly and efficiently and make minimum mess. When we do get messy we will clean it up and have it just like you had it or even better.


We guarantee “you will” be satisfied with our great help and best of all you’ll hardly notice we are there.




Just like the thousands of home and property owners doing it the hard way right now, You are NOT Alone!

I know how you may feel about the state of your home or Business! Life sometimes takes over and before you know it things get broken, start to squeak, crack and before you know it the whole place needs fixing.


When at first I purchased my property I thought I had things pretty neat. But then I had kids and things started to pile in and all of the sudden my garage was packed chockers with most of my tools hard to get too, and things we really didn’t use any more were just there gathering dust!


So that as a waking up call to me, and that’s when I started to get creative and use my given skills to put an end to the clutter nightmare and start to prioritize my good living spaces as much as I do for the health and well being of my family.


Simple Handyman Services isn’t the most expensive handyman service in town, but don’t judge us on price we give back real value for money and like we said before we really want to help you in the long term to have it beneficial for both of us. Here is how we can make it easier:


  • We’ll work with in limits of fences, barriers or doors or wherever it is you want us to work!
  • We’ll give you a free quote over the phone or a free come to you quote for bigger projects like bathroom & kitchen renovations
  • We bring all the equipment and materials! We service our equipment regularly so everything runs efficiently for a completed task at hand
  • We’ll be at your place like clock work, on time and ready for the full day’s work if needed
  • You can communicate your needs with us, we understand communication get misunderstood between Businesses & customers sometimes so know we are here as an easy going helping hand for you, but also know we want to listen to your specific requests so that we both have a mutual agreement on the task at hand
  • We are very experienced handymans and do it all at affordable prices that you will find hard to find anywhere else, and our workmanship is meticulously inspected and guaranteed as best service!


What would it mean to you if you no longer had to do these things:


  • Mow your lawn and de-weed your gardens
  • Jet wash your driveways, fences and building walls
  • Clear your roof gutters of dirt, leaves and debris
  • Empty out the shed every time you want to find a tool, object or aparatis
  • Over stress and complicate yourself over clutter & organization of your things
  • See area’s of your property make it hard for your life and Business to run efficiently


You see at first I had no idea how clutter and maintenance issues were effecting the life of local people, but when I received replies from my customers telling me how much they appreciated my specialized “orginize it for you” handyman work it made me very happy and so I made a list of maintenance tasks that we’re willing to do for customers.


Just note: some of these tasks many other handyman will likely not want to do for you:


  • Fix window fly screens like new
  • Grease & fix door hinges
  • Change or add door locks, wondow locks
  • Install rod holders for curtains and blinds
  • New Bathroom fittings, plumbing and full bathroom renovations
  • Install kitchen bench tops with all the shelving as provided by suppliers like Bunnings wharehouse
  • Add storage shelving to your sheds, garages, laundry and more
  • Tool organizing, from gardening tools to basic maintanence tools we’ll organize it for you
  • Dig out tree stumps, pull out bushes, weeds
  • Move heavy stones, bricks and objects
  • Install a hose reel or retractable clothes line
  • Re-wire your clothes line or pull yours out and put in a new one
  • Jetwash and Paint your fence, house exteriour
  • Indoor gyprock installation and repair
  • Paint rooms, doors, kitchen.
  • Fix veranda, pagola, hand rails & fencing
  • Add steps or easy access paths and ramps for impaired and disabled
  • And much more! For anything else we can give you a quick quote over the phone


Click here to order now!


We’re not the type of handyman service to toot our own horn in public, but we don’t mind when people do it for us! Here is what our clients have had to say about Simple Handyman Services:



Customer Testimonials

“Very skilful, efficient and great attention to detail…”

“Thank you Sachin for performing maintenance jobs around our home. Definitely recommend Sachin for all handyman services. Very skilful, efficient and great attention to detail and great price. Thanks again will use you in the future.”

Antonijo Klimoski

“recommend him to anybody who has a range of handyman jobs”

“I have been using the services of Sachin for about 3 years now. He is extremely helpful, dedicated and experienced in a range of home repairs and maintenance.

No job is too small for him to attend to. I would recommend him to anybody who has a range of handyman jobs that they want completed on time, efficiently and without complaint.

Sachin works diligently with each list of jobs I give to him, turns up on time and doesn’t waste time in between each task. And his rates are very reasonable!

Linda Rodden



And if you doubt for a second that Simple Handyman Services workmanship is fully professional or not to your working standards here is our Guarantee!






If for any reason you find critical errors in Simple Handyman Services workmanship that we cannot fix within 72 hours from sending us a support telephone call for help we will fully refund your full purchase price.





And this offer just keeps on giving because we are also including these very special just for you bonuses as part of our introductory offer absolutely free just for saying YES Today!



#1 Retail Value:$10Discounted Monthly Maintenance

bonus 1

As a show of thanks and to give you incentive to let us help you maintain your property we are willing to give you $10 off the monthly maintenance rate for monthly ongoing work that may take allot of effort for you but we’ll have done fast (2 hours minimum hire)

#2 Retail Value:$70+10% discount on your first purchase


And again as an appreciation to your request for help to us we would like to offer you 10% discount on any 1 maintenance project valued at $700 or over.


Click here to order now!




That is top value for money so let’s try to total!



Simple Handyman Services Value:Priceless!
All the bonuses Value:$80+
Time and Money Spent Mastering Handyman Skills Value:$$$$
Grand Total Value Value:$80+++



So as you can see this is the real life total value, some handyman services charge nearly double what I do and on top of this I am offering you some nice incentives to get it all done A.S.A.P



You won’t even pay





Get this all today for just




$40 hour




Hold your horses for just a minute!

In all truth I need you to know that my property maintenance skills have taken me years to master. You can try to do it yourself but is it worth it? I know you might think about shopping around first but trust me this is an amazing offer so I have to price it accordingly.




This special introductory offer may end anytime without notice

Hurry while bonuses last, this is an introductory offer for a limited time and I can not promise the bonus discounts will be available for much longer, this is a special offer and just know we are not kidding when we say hurry up or miss out!




The time to act for better living spaces is right now!

Don’t you think you should try Simple Handyman Services for yourself for all the wonderful time, money and effort savings you will benefit from starting today?




Just in case you are not sure here is a summary of how you’ll benefit:



  • We’ll work with in limits of fences, barriers or doors or wherever it is you want us to work!
  • We’ll give you a free quote over the phone or a free come to you quote for bigger projects like bathroom & kitchen renovations
  • We bring all the equipment and materials and service our equipment regularly so everything runs efficiently for a completed task at hand
  • We’ll be at your place like clock work, on time and ready for the full day’s work if needed
  • You can communicate your needs with us, we understand communication get misunderstood between Businesses & customers sometimes so know we are here as an easy going helping hand for you but also know we want to listen to your specific requests so that we both have a mutual agreement on the task at hand
  • We are very experience handymans and do it all at affordable prices that you will find hard to get anywhere else, and our workmanship is meticulously inspected and guaranteed as best service!
  • We’ll arange Simple Handyman Services come to you for a time that suits you
  • We’ll work as diligently as possible and all work carried out is best done unsupervised
  • So sit back relax and let us take care of all the hard work
  • The workmanship is satisfaction and money back guaranteed to be as promised
  • Bonus discounts to help you get started.




And here my details just in case you need to contact me

mobile: 0413 701 442

email: simple.handyman.service@gmail.com


Ring now below even if it’s 8pm at night!




Get Started Now

Yes! Sign me up! I can see how Simple Handyman Services will benefit me and I want to take full advantage of this offer by purchasing at this special price right now!.

I understand I’ll get:

  • Simple Handyman Services completely as promised!
  • Simple Handyman Services “love it or fix it in 72 hours 100% Money Back Guarantee!”
  • The included bonuses worth $10 Month discount* & 10% off first purchase*
  • My contact details just in case you need it

So you get all this at the special discounted introductory price that might not stick around for much longer


Call To Order!: 0413 701 442




So my friend as you can see, now you can start maintaining your living spaces easier with Simple Handyman Services and all the improvements you will make for your home or business. Whatever your choice may be I hope you find results that work for you.




Sachin Pandya




P.S. Remember… I now how it feels to have your home or Business disorganized and not working straight like you want it too, just know there is light at the end of the tunnel..


P.P.S. With our affordable Simple Handyman Services you can use the help to clean and fix your property to make it just like you want it, just like new! It’s that simple..


P.P.P.S. Limited offer..I cannot guarantee that I will be as available, or that the bonuses will be available for much longer! So hurry while the special offer remains active!







More information about us…



Simple Handyman Services are the original handyman services with simple solutions to complex problems.


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Simple Handyman Services offers affordable home maintenance services.


Best Handyman Campbelltown Call:0413 701 442


Any task that you need a hand with around the home we are able to jump in there and fix it for you straight away.


Do you need things moved around? Areas cleared out? Do you have a problem with your plumbing, roofing or doors?

handyman Liverpool

The handyman experts can assist you in all home maintenance problems. Our extensive experience means that we can take a look at anything and fix it without a problem.


Our services are really going to be so useful for you. We are offering our services at such a good rate. You will be amazed at how much you are going to save.


All our past customers have been so happy with our economical work.


Free Quote, Call Us in Sydney NSW 0413 701 442


Basically every time we do repair works we will make it as good as new.


home maintenance Campbelltown


You may have some kind of annoying problem that you do not want to deal with yourself.


Do not worry we love helping our customers. There is nothing more satisfying than solving a problem for our customers.


What kind of home maintenance services do we offer? Well basically everything. But going off the top: we are specialist painters.


home maintenance services Liverpool


With our professional painting services, we can do a really good job for you at only a fraction of the cost.


We will do the perfect paint job on your property. This is the type of quality service you can expect from us: nothing more, nothing less.


Need A Handyman? Give Us A Call 0413 701 442


You might already be engaged with a builder who is doing other bits and pieces for you. This is really not a problem at all. We can fix up any odd ends that are propping up around your property.

affordable handyman

We offer tiling and grouting services. Sometimes you have to pay a fortune for these types of services.


Simple Handyman Services are here to save the day – we can help you with all ditty-gritties you want to get done without breaking the bank.


Fixing door locks, latches and hinges is another skill base of ours.

affordable home maintenance

At least once in their lifetime everybody has had a problem with locks. A lock that has given them a bit of grief.


Again the Simple Handyman Services handyman can step in once again and solve this problem without a worry in the world. We will fix it for you.


Hire A Handyman 0413 701 442


Moving around furniture – another thing we are easily able to assist you with. Heavy furniture is not an issue at all. Our big, strong and healthy team will really make things much easier for yourself.


Simple Handyman Services also offers plumbing services. Do you need someone to come in and have a look at things? Of course you do. We do it for a fraction of the cost.

handyman help

Fly screen installation – another specialty on our long list of specialties. In fact, we do so many different types of installation work it is not even funny: curtains, blinds, towel rails, dishwashers, TV, dryer – you name it we got it.


We are a big beefy strong bunch; we can move things around like you wouldn’t believe. Just sit back, put your feet up, we’ll muscle in and do all the hard work.


Affordable Handyman Service 0413 701 442


Let’s move on to the next thing on the list shall we: ceiling, walls and gyprock repairs. We got all of these types of things covered for you.


Allow us to take a look around your property and find exactly what is wrong. There could be all kinds of problems with your property.


home handyman services Liverpool & Campbelltown


As handymans we understand the complexities of your house. Most of the time customers hope that their property will be fixed and in normal condition.


There will be another time when you are not sure what is wrong with your house. We can take a look at it for you and give you our brief assessment.


Simple Handyman offers these kinds of service at a fraction of what other companies do. You can consider us your first point of call.


We are looking to establish a long term relationship with you. Give us a chance to prove ourselves and I can assure you that you we will not disappointed.

home maintenance services Liverpool & Campbelltown

Eventually we will know your house so well. From then on you can trust us to make amendments and fix things as the problems crop up.


We want to become your go-to-guy if you are having a much larger project done. For example with construction or building work: we want to be there to as we like to say “tidy up the loose ends”.


Yes, that is correct, here at Simple Handyman we like to ‘tidy up the loose ends’. We make it look so easy whenever we do the job.


Fast and affordable Handyman Services 0413 701 442


But actually our expertise has been picked up through years of experience on hundreds of different properties.


In fact, if you have a problem we will come to the solution so quickly you will be amazed.


There are still other services that we offer, I haven’t finished going through the list yet.


affordable handyman services

At Simple Handyman Services we also offer high pressure cleaning. Yep, you guessed it: those full on intensive cleaning jobs we are able to help you out with.


Those kind of cleaning jobs that you don’t want to go anywhere near. No matter the scale, no matter how problematic it is, we can help you out.


This is in no way an exhaustive list by the way. If you have any kind of issue around the house do not hesitate to give us a call.


For Reliable Handyman Call: 0413 701 442


We will come in and as I said earlier we have the experience. We have the know-how to come to a very quick solution.


You will be left scratching your head and possible even thinking ‘how did they do that?’ We would be only so proud that this is the way that you would react. Actually it gives us a self-esteem boost.

property maintenance services

Our customer service is exemplary – you cannot find this kind of service anywhere else. We can guarantee you of that.


You will be amazed with just how friendly we are. We get the job done without any hassles at all. We just drop in, move things around and then leave with a smile on our face.


Call For Experienced Handyman 0413 701 442


There is no hassle for the customer at all. The customer can sit there with their hot chocolate. Before they know it we are out of their hair and they don’t have to worry.


Our customers say wonderful things about us. They have full trust in our abilities and they keep using our services. They are only too keen to recommend us to other family and friends of theirs.


Give us the opportunity to come in and prove ourselves. You will see that we can make things really work well for you. You will be so happy after we do our job.


This way we can establish relationship with you and your property. You will not have to keep trying different people or deal with expensive building companies: we’ve got you covered.


Call Us Today 0413 701 442

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